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Optimum RCM

Economical Intelligent Billing

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Who We Are

Optimum RCM is an experienced provider of Revenue Cycle Management in the healthcare industry. Our efficient workflow and business processes are tailored to meet our clients’ expectations and enhance their revenue.


Our client focused services help in decreasing re-admissions, reducing administrative expenses, shrinking turnaround time and improving productivity. Let us take care of your billing processes so you can focus on treating patient. 

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Optimum RCM Services

Optimum RCM's main goal is to maximize your collections and minimize your unpaid claims.

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Insurance Credentialing is the the process of applying to health insurance networks for inclusion in their provider panels.


At Optimum RCM we offer complete credentialing administration with Medicare and commercial insurance payers.

Medical Eligibility Verification

Physicians need verification of each patient’s eligibility and benefits beforehand to ensure they receive payment for services rendered.


Optimum RCM offers comprehensive patient eligibility verification services to help healthcare providers confirm coverage prior to the office visit.

Medical Coding

Transformation of healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services, into universal medical alphanumeric codes. These codes are then used for billing insurances.

Optimum RCM's coding services enable a smooth workflow with minimum errors to accelerate the billing process. This reduces revenue loss and shortens the revenue cycle.

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Quality Review

Optimum RCM emphasizes on quality checks at every step of the billing process.


By ensuring accuracy and efficiency in data entry, claim filing, AR follow up, denial analysis, appeals, and by carrying out periodical internal audits, Optimum RCM is able to guarantee higher and faster realization of claims.

Claim Submission

Optimum RCM team can help you at every step of the medical billing process.


Outsourcing medical claims submission to us can help you reduce your overhead costs and improve revenue.

Payment Posting

Payment posting is the last step of the revenue cycle management and it deals with processing of explanation of benefit (EOB) and facilitating payments from insurance institutions.

AR Follow Up

Analyzing denied claims, non-payments, and partial payments is performed by the AR team.


Optimum RCM communicates regularly with the patient, the medical office, and the insurance company to optimize the billing process.

Denial Management

Denial management is very critical to a healthy cash flow, and successful revenue cycle management.


Optimum RCM quickly and easily determines the cause(s) of denials, mitigates the risk of future denials, to get paid faster.


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